Total Gym 1900 Home Gym Review

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About Total Gym 1900 Home Gym

Over the course of the last decade the world has changed the way home gyms are are being viewed.

Today I want to take the time and give a look at the total gym 1900 home gym to give you my review explaining what is this home gym and if it will serve a purpose for you at at your house.

As you may know these total gyms were made to avoid all the dumbbells and free weights that you would normally be required to have to workout.

Traditionally to have a home gym at your house will be super expensive with the cost of each dumbbell being over $100.

The next best step was to create an equipment that didn’t require any free weight which resulted in the birth of total gyms.

The Pros

Strength building and cardio: should be very important when working out, right?

Most home gyms tend to ignore one or the other never actually focusing on both.

The total gym 1900 home gym is great in the regards that it helps you build strength but at the same time lets you perform cardio exercises as well.

Over 60 Different exercises: The amount of exercises you can perform the better!

I never like doing the same exercises, personally I enjoy mixing up my workouts as this also help for muscle growth by confusing your muscles.

Think about it how many different machines would you need to go to in a commercial gym to achieve the same amount of exercises?

Ergonomic material: I really enjoyed the design within the total gym 1900 as it has the comfortable feel with the padding cushion.

I seen many different home gyms that have such a small amount of padding that over time you feel that you are laying on the metal!

That’s just awful in my opinion but thankfully this isn’t the case for the total gym 1900.

Quick workout: Against popular belief you don’t need to go to the gym for over an hour to get a good workout.

The total gym 1900 prove this by showing you how you can workout for just 15 minutes.

Adjust the resistance: The resistance feature in the total gym 1900 is an important one as it lets you adjust the difficulty in your exercises.

It uses cables that are meant to use your own body weight as resistance from a percentage difficulty.

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You can choose to use from 3% to as much as 45%. The higher the percentage the more difficulty that it will be.

Foldable design: I really like the fact the total gym 1900 is very compact allowing you to fold it up and put it away in storage when you aren’t using it. It won’t take that much space in your home.

Pilates: This is something that most machines lack.

This is really awesome for people that want to build a strong core and increase their flexibility as well.

It comes with a pilate bar that allows you to stretch your muscles to avoid injuries by sliding up and down the slide seat.

The Cons

  • You can’t add any extra weight to this home gym meaning once you max out on the 45% resistance then there isn’t much room for much else. Truthfully this isn’t going to be an issue unless you are like a bodybuilder that are used to lifting very heavy weights but if you are a beginner or intermediate user then you will be just fine.
  • There is a weight limit for a user; It maxes out on 35o LBS although this won’t be an issue for many if you are heavier than 350 LBS then you will need to take a look at other alternatives such as the total gym XlS.

My Verdict

At the end of the day I compared the pros to the cons and I must say that the total gym 1900 is an excellent choice for an all purpose home gym.

I would totally recommend that you get this total gym as it really works well and about half the price of the total gym xls.

Have you used this total gym before?

Let me know your thoughts down in the comment section.

Total Gym 1900 Review

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